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County of Kings By-laws

By-law 1 Definition and Interpretation.pdf (78 kb)
By-law 100 Water Capital Recovery.pdf (111 kb)
By-law 101 Credit Card Service Fees By-law.pdf (105 kb)
By-law 102 Committees Governance.pdf (64 kb)
By-law 103 Oak Island Road Wastewater Management District.pdf (554 kb)
By-law 104 Day Care Commercial Tax Reduction.pdf (92 kb)
By-law 12A Animal Control.pdf (174 kb)
By-law 21 Disposal of Records.pdf (39 kb)
By-law 26 Tannery Road Train Whistle.pdf (57 kb)
By-law 27A Sewer Charge (REPEALED).pdf (78 kb)
By-law 27B Sewer Connection (REPEALED).pdf (97 kb)
By-law 36 Mobile Home Park.pdf (90 kb)
By-law 40 Rezoning Application Fee.pdf (79 kb)
By-law 45 Street Lighting.pdf (62 kb)
By-law 48 Tax Exemption for Charitable Properties (REPEALED).pdf (150 kb)
By-law 49 Partial Tax Exemption (REPEALED).pdf (175 kb)
By-law 50 Street Improvement.pdf (89 kb)
By-law 51 Chief Administrative Officer.pdf (38 kb)
By-law 52 Committee of the Whole.pdf (28 kb)
By-law 54 Nominating Committee.pdf (25 kb)
By-law 55 Planning Advisory Committee (REPEALED).pdf (349 kb)
By-law 60 Subdivision.pdf (143 kb)
By-law 61 Emergency Measures.pdf (43 kb)
By-law 62 Conference Expense.pdf (25 kb)
By-law 63 Open Burning and Smoke Control.pdf (47 kb)
By-law 64 Meetings and Procedure.pdf (59 kb)
By-law 66 Fees for Copies of By-laws (REPEALED).pdf (22 kb)
By-law 69 Taxi.pdf (84 kb)
By-law 71A Dog By-law.pdf (117 kb)
By-law 72 Building.pdf (98 kb)
By-law 73 Swimming Pool.pdf (35 kb)
By-law 74 Treasurer.pdf (64 kb)
By-law 76 Sidewalk Improvement (REPEALED).pdf (53 kb)
By-law 77 Respecting Relief from Liability for Operations.pdf (77 kb)
By-law 78 Tax Collection Fees.pdf (63 kb)
By-law 79 Septic Waste Disposal.pdf (79 kb)
By-law 80 Heritage Property.pdf (54 kb)
By-law 81 Street Surfacing.pdf (82 kb)
By-law 82 Police Services Advisory Committee.pdf (203 kb)
By-law 83 Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Management.pdf (252 kb)
By-law 84 Noise Control.pdf (78 kb)
By-law 85 Municipal Economic Development Advisory Committee (REPEALED).pdf (85 kb)
By-law 87 Greenwich Water System Capital Connection Charge By-law (REPEALED).pdf (132 kb)
By-law 88 North Greenwood Water Service Installation Capital Charge By-law (REPEALED).pdf (135 kb)
By-law 89 Regional Emergency Management.pdf (81 kb)
By-law 90 Vendors.pdf (83 kb)
By-law 91 Sewer Discharge.pdf (97 kb)
By-law 92 North Alton and Prospect Road Capital Water Charge By-law (REPEALED).pdf (175 kb)
By-law 93 Private Road Maintenance Charge.pdf (376 kb)
By-law 94 Non Smoking at or on Village of New Minas Recreation Facilities.pdf (70 kb)
By-law 95 Kingsport Water (REPEALED).pdf (313 kb)
By-law 96 Civic Address and Street Name.pdf (60 kb)
By-law 97 Canaan Heights Street Lighting.pdf (32 kb)
By-law 98 Wastewater Sewer.pdf (151 kb)
By-law 99 Tax Exemption for Non-Profit Organizations.pdf (130 kb)
 By-law 75 Land Use By-law
 By-law 57 New Minas Land Use By-law
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Remuneration and Expenses
These electronic versions of the by-laws are provided for your convenience and personal use only. Staff have strived to make these versions of the by-laws as accurate as possible; however, where accuracy is critical, please consult official sources. The by-laws are copyrighted to the Municipality of the County of Kings and may not be copied for the purpose of resale.

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