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Councillor: Jim Winsor
District: District 8
Phone: (902) 680-5405
  Jim Winsor was elected Municipal Councillor for District 8 in the October 2016 municipal election. Jim is Chair of the Nominating Committee and also serves on the Budget and Finance Committee, New Minas Area Advisory Committee, and Planning Advisory Committee.

As a Certified Management Accountant, Jim brings a wealth of financial management experience to Council from senior levels in government. He also contributes significant general management experience from his years in the aviation industry.

Jim grew up in rural Newfoundland, but spent his working career in Yellowknife. He, his wife Betty Anne and two of their three sons, Gareth and James, made New Minas their home in 2006 (their third son Phillip joined them in 2013) and they love it here.

Throughout his adult life, Jim has served his community. His integration into New Minas and Kings County happened naturally as he served on the Food Bank Board of Directors, the Kings County Trails Committee, headed up the Benevolence Program at his local church and served as Lay Pastor of Community Care.

Jim has a vision of an effective, transparent and accessible County Government that responds to the needs and aspirations of the people. He is working towards a Kings County where businesses and people flourish in an environment that respects our unique culture and environment, while at the same time fostering suitable economic growth and job creation.

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