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Community Grants and Funding

Grants to Organizations
Community Grants and Funding Grants to Organizations The Municipality of the County of Kings recognizes the importance of community organizations and the volunteers that provide recreation and economic opportunities in the county. The Municipality of Kings has community grants and funding opportunities to help assist with various projects and activities.
List of Organizations who have received Grants to Organizations Funding from the Municipality of Kings.
1. Grants to Organizations (GTO)  View details
2. Municipal Economic Development Funds (MEDF) View details
3. Community Festivals & Special Events Program (CFSE)  View details
4. Youth Travel Assistance Program (MEDF) View details
5. Community Hall Assistance Program (CHAP) View details
6. Community Park Development Program (CPDP)  View details
7. Trails Assistance Program (TAP)  View details
8. Community Recreation Assistance Fund (CRAF) View details
9. Special Projects View details
Applications may be submitted by email, in person, or by mail to:

Municipality of the County of Kings
Attn: Lisa Amon
PO Box 100 Kentville NS
B4N 3W3
Funding applicants are encouraged to apply with as much notice as possible. Please review the deadlines for the funding grant you are applying for.
For more information on these grant and funding opportunities please contact:

Lisa Amon
Financial Services Administrative Assistant