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Frequently Asked Questions

  What day is my refuse collection scheduled?
  How do I obtain a green bin?
  Do I need a Burning Permit?
  I want to build a fence. Do I need a Permit?
  What is the population of Kings County?
  Where can I find a map of Kings County and its communities?

  What are the current tax rates?
  When are taxes billed and due?
  How do I change my name on my tax bill?
  How do I change my address on my tax bill?
  What are the requirements for the Personal tax exemption?
  Where can I make my tax payment?
  When does a property go to tax sale?
When are Greenwood Water bills billed?
  Where can I make my water bill payment?
  When will the County shut my water off, if I am overdue with my payment?

  Who is in charge of maintaining my street?
  Why is my road not plowed?
  Do I need a permit for a driveway culvert?
  How do I get my culvert deposit refunded?
  I presently live on a gravel road. When will this be paved?
What is the procedure for getting our road paved?
  Can we have street lights on our street?
  What is the procedure for obtaining street lights in my subdivison?
  Can we have a sidewalk on our street?

Water & Wastewater
  What does water and wastewater operations include?
  How are all of these services paid for?
  I smell sewer coming into my house, what should I do?
  My sewer is plugged, what should I do?
How do I obtain a sewer connection permit and is there a charge?
  I am connected to one of the Municipal Sewer Systems, or Water Systems. How do I contact someone for an after hours emergency?
  I require a water meter for the Greenwood Water Utility. What is the procedure?
  I am moving. How do I get my final Greenwood water billing and my deposit?
  I just had my private septic tank pumped out and the private contractor advised it was going to cost extra to dispose of the sewage. Why?
  I live in the county and have questions concerning my septic system or my well. Who do I call?