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Large-Scale Wind Turbines

In June of 2011 Council for the Municipality of the County of Kings adopted regulations for large-scale wind turbines. Highlights of those regulations included as-of-right permitting and a 2300ft (700m) minimum separation distance between turbines and neighbouring dwellings.

Council committed to reviewing these regulations in January of 2012. This process involved two open houses, numerous presentations at Council meetings, a detailed consultant’s report on the potential health and safety impacts of large-scale wind turbines, and a public questionnaire completed by almost 500 Kings County residents. Reports from throughout the process can be found in the “Documents” section, below.

Council has now passed amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw that indicate Council wishes to further investigate the issues, and in the meantime not permit large-scale wind turbines anywhere in the Municipality. The full text of these amendments can be found in the Second Reading Report in the “Documents” section. These amendments will go into effect once an advertisement giving notification of the changes has been published in a local newspaper. This advertisement is currently scheduled to be published in the Kings County Register on August 30th, 2012. A copy of the advertisement can be found here.
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