Connected Kings

The Internet is a tool for communication, entertainment, business, healthcare, and education. High speed connectivity is critical to many aspects of everyday life. Present day infrastructure, however, does not afford all residents and businesses with access to modern broadband services.

Through the Connected Kings initiative, the Municipality is committed to working with the Federal and Provincial governments; and private sector Internet Service Providers to ensure that in excess of 95% of our residents have access to reliable, affordable high speed internet service.

This page outlines the projects in the Municipality that are working to achieve this goal.

Connect to Innovate - Municipal

Power truck with bucket extended
Line of power poles in rural area
Workman taking readings outside

The Connected Kings project was announced in 2018 and is a $3.4 million project funded jointly by the Municipality and the Federal Connect to Innovate program. This project was completed in July 2022. The newly constructed 80km open-access fibre optic transport network is fully operational and serves the communities of Woodville, Black Rock, Canada Creek, and North Grand Pré.

The Municipality has entered into an agreement to provide fibre-optic transport services to Cross Country TV over the network, which allows them to extend their services to residents in those areas. For exact service coverage information refer to the Cross Country TV coverage map at Cross Country TV | Service Area ( Contact the Cross Country TV office at (902) 678-2395 to schedule a service connection or to clarify service availability.

The 2022-2023 capital budget approved additional funds to investigate the viability of extending the network to other residents in the Municipality. Information on any further phases of this project will be presented to Council with updates posted on this page.

Map of backbone transport routes in Kings County

Connect to Innovate – Bell Canada

In addition to the Municipal project, Bell Canada has received Connect to Innovate project funds to service residents of the Glooscap First Nation and Scots Bay. Both networks are operational and service is available to residents.

The current status of Connect to Innovate projects can be seen by visiting Connect to Innovate Program – Project status updates - Connect to Innovate (

Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

Bell Canada and Cross Country TV have received funding from the provincial Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative for a number of projects within the Municipality. Full coverage maps and project schedules are still being finalized for some of the projects, however current information can be found for each project by visiting Annapolis / Hants | Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative | Develop Nova Scotia (

A coverage map of the planned Cross Country TV network is available at Cross Country TV | Service Area (