Public Transit Systems in Kings County

The Municipality of the County of Kings supports public access to affordable transportation.

Kings Transit Authority
The Kings Transit Authority (KTA) is a municipally owned public transit service that provides fixed route schedules within Kings County and the neighboring counties of Hants West, Annapolis, and Digby. All Kings Transit buses are fully wheelchair accessible.

Trans Point to Point Transit
Kings Point-to-Point Transit (KPPT) is an accessible service providing affordable door-to-door transportation seven days a week. KPPT service schedules pick-ups from the Hants Border to Aylesford, Kings County. KPPT provides transportation for trips to the hospital/medical appointments, to and from work/school, and for everyday shopping/personal needs, and more.

Trans County Transportation Society
Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS) is an accessible service providing affordable door-to-door transportation services to seniors, disabled, and economically disadvantaged residents throughout Annapolis County extending into Western Kings County to the Western side of Aylesford Road. TCTS provides service for shopping, Adult Day Programs , community events, medical appointments in the local area travelling to Kentville, Lunenburg, Yarmouth and Digby as well as a medical shuttle service to Halifax.


Highway 101 is a two and four-lane limited access highway extending 221 kilometres from Lower Sackville in Halifax, to Digby, 110 kilometres west of Waterville.