Swimming Pools - In Ground and Above Ground

Residents locating a pool on their property in the Municipality of the County of Kings are required to obtain a permit. In obtaining a permit, details of locating the pool, fencing and security (ie: gates and latching devices) must be identified.

A swimming pool is defined in By-Law 73 as any tank, or body of water maintained or used or which may be used for swimming pur-poses whether above or in ground and which has any depth of wa-ter greater than twenty-four (24) inches, other than an existing natural body of water or stream; and this meaning shall be taken to include a swimming pool belonging to or connected with any type of multiple housing development , motel, hotel, club or similar es-tablishment but it shall not include an irrigation or fire protection pond or fishing or duck pond.

Therefore the Swimming Pool By-Law applies to all pools that are capable of containing water to a depth of 24 inches. This includes inflatable pools.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You will need to submit with a completed permit application form to the Municipality or apply in person
  • Dimensions of the pool including above ground or in ground
  • Dimensions of the enclosure including materials
  • Site plan showing the proposed location of the pool and enclosure in relation to any other buildings on the property, the property lines and watercourses
  • All applicable fees
Yes, a permit is required for an inflatable pool that is capable of containing 24 inches or more of water. This is determined by the specifications of the pool.
The permit fee to construct or locate a swimming pool including required fencing is $50.00.
Yes, when the project is complete, you are required to call for final inspection. The pool, fence and gate must be installed prior to this inspection.
Once we are in receipt of a complete application, every effort is made to issue your permit within 5 business days. You may call any time to inquire about the status of your application. Please remember to have your application number when making inquires or submitting additional information.
All swimming pools or the yard or deck in which a swimming pool is accessed, shall be completely enclosed by an enclosure. Doors or gates shall be self-latching. If you are installing a deck, that will give direct access to the pool, both the Pool By-Law and the National Building Code Regulation requirements must be met.
Applications can be made at the Municipal office.