Residential Renovations

All homes need to be built to meet minimum public health, fire and structural safety and property protection standards. Permits and inspections help to ensure that these standards are met so that your home will provide a safe and healthy environment.

Application Requirements
All applications for permits shall be submitted with:
  • A full set of “construction drawings” to scale. The drawings shall include:
    • Foundation plan complete with columns, beams and floor joists.
    • Floor plan showing a layout of rooms and fixtures.
    • Cross section showing footing through to trusses.
  • Informal site plan indicating proposed location on the property (setbacks to conform to the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw)
  • Nova Scotia Environment Approval for an on-site septic system or Environmental Services/Village Sewer for connection permission
  • Department of Transportation/Municipal Approval to erect a structure and install a culvert (requires a deposit to those departments of $300.00)
  • Deed/ Land Registry Printout or Survey of Parcel

As of January 1, 2010 there are now energy and water conservation measures in the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations. Please ensure you pick up our pamphlet or a copy of the changes at

Renos.pdf (450 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions
With a complete application, every effort is made to issue a building permit within 5 business days.

The permit fee for repairs, renovations and alterations to all existing residential buildings is based on the estimated value of construction. A base fee of $20.00 will be applied to all applications and $2.20 per $1000 of estimated cost of construction.

Additions will be charged at the same rates as new construction. Single family dwelling additions will be 11¢ per square foot, with a base fee of $20.00. Where accessory buildings will be charged at 4.4¢ per square foot, with a base fee of $20.00.

Yes, a building permit is valid for one (1) year from the date it is issued and is renewable, provided the permit meets all the requirements of the Land Use By-Law and the Building Code requirements. The fee to renew a permit is $15.00 and can not be renewed more than 3 times.
  • All structural repairs, alterations and additions
  • All interior and exterior renovation with a value in excess of $5000
  • Additions (including decks, exterior stairs, sunrooms, wheelchair ramps)
  • Any change to a plumbing system
  • The demolition of existing structures
  • Addition of a chimney/wood stove
An inspection can be requested by calling the inspector assigned to your project. Their contact information can be found on the issued permit you receive in the mail.
Applications can be made at the Municipal office.