Sign Regulations

The Municipality of Kings has Uniform Business Directional sign regulations to assist rural Kings County business owners with a sign program to ensure that potential customers can find them. The regulations permit a system of off-premise signs designed to provide the public with easy-to-read directional information in advance of intersections. The Sign Regulations are contained in the Land Use Bylaws of the Municipality of the County of Kings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I have a sign?
If your business is tourist related and established outside of a Town or Growth Centre in Kings County, you are eligible to place directional signage.

What are the towns and growth centres in which off-premise signage is not allowed?
The Towns are: Wolfville, Kentville and Berwick. The Growth Centres are: The Villages of Aylesford, Kingston, Canning, Greenwood, New Minas, and Port Williams and the Communities of Centreville, Coldbrook, Cambridge, Hants Border, North Kentville and Waterville.

What will my sign look like?

  • Each sign will be 12 inches high and 60 inches wide.
  • Signs will be constructed of ½ inch Douglas Fir medium density waterproof plywood or aluminum.
  • Backs of signs are painted black with no other markings.
  • Sign face will be 580 reflective blue with white Scotch Lite REFL letters and made of vinyl reflective material.
  • Signs will be supported by two 4 inch X 4 inch posts.
  • First sign must be 10 feet above the shoulder of the road and lowest sign not less than 5 feet above the shoulder of the road.
  • All signs must be installed flush with the one above.
  • Letters on sign will be 4 inches high and type style may be "Helvetica", upper and lower case, and may be placed on two lines.

What can the sign say?
Each directional sign may state the name of the business or establishment, distance, directional arrow and display a logo.

Do I need permissions from anyone else to have my sign placed?
Because the signs are to be placed in the road right-of-way, you will require a permit from the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Public Works along with the Municipality of the County of Kings.

Where do I go to make an application?
Your Development Officer with the Municipality of the County of Kings will help you get started. You will be required to pay a $50.00 application fee. Don?t forget, you are responsible for the actual construction and placement of your sign. You are also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your signs after they are installed. Consult the yellow pages for sign manufacturers and have your chosen sign maker give us a call to ensure that all specifications are met.