Subdivision Approvals

Subdivision means the division of an area of land into two or more parcels and includes a re-subdivision or a consolidation (addition) of two or more parcels. Generally lot boundaries cannot be changed and new lots cannot be created without subdivision approval. However if a lot to be severed off is over 25 acres (10 ha) and the remaining parcel is over this size, a property owner can subdivide by deed as per Section 268(2)(a) of the Municipal Government Act (MGA).


  • Have a NS Land Surveyor prepare a Plan of Subdivision
  • Submit Application from and Plan of Subdivision to Development Officer (DO) including the following: 12 copies of the Plan of Subdivision, QP report if applicable and Fees.
  • DO forwards Plan to External Departments for Comments (if applicable; Nova Scotia Environment, Land Information Centre, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Engineering and Public Works Department, Property Valuation Services Corporation, Nova Scotia Power, Aliant and any other external department deemed necessary by the DO)
  • If a Public Open Space Fee is required and upon receipt of a letter advising amount required, submit contribution to Municipality
  • If applicable: Submit Deed(s) and fee for recording (for plans of consolidation, where lots are under different ownership)
  • Approved/Refused
    • Approved: Applicant is sent endorsed Final Plan of Subdivision (upon receipt of positive comments from all agencies requested to give comments and if the plan satisfies all the other requirements of the Subdivision By-Law the DO approves the Final Plan of Subdivision)
    • Refused: If the Plan does not satisfy the requirements of the Subdivision By-Law the DO notifies the applicant in writing that the plan has been refused and also notifies of the right to appeal to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

Note: Upon approval of the Final Plan of Subdivision the DO files the plan, indicating approval of the Final Plan of Subdivision, at the Land Registration Office. The subdivision takes effect once the plan is filed.

Application Fees
Migrated - $263.35
Non-Migrated - $363.35
Record a Document - $100.00/document
Tentative - $50 per lot