Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

The vision, mission and values of the Municipality are established by Council and set the stage for the development of the Strategic Plan.

A community of communities where all people belong.

To enhance the quality of life for all through the provision of municipal services in an inclusive, effective, and collaborative manner.

Integrity. Respect. Excellence. Transparency. Innovation. Diversity. Sustainability.

The Strategic Plan, in turn, becomes Key Strategic Priorities: Strong Communities, Environmental Stewardship, Economic Development, Good Governance and Financial Sustainability. The Plan is further partitioned into projects and initiatives with measurable work plans and outcomes for staff. Our values are the constant presence in all activities of the Municipality.

The Municipality will remain accountable for the work in this plan by regularly updating the public on progress. This document is, by design, a dynamic and adaptable plan. It positions the Municipality to achieve goals established by Council while strategically responding to emergent opportunities.