Meadowview Solar Project

Large Solar farm

Map of Solar project area
Who We Are:

Project partners Annapolis Valley First Nation, Glooscap First Nation and the Municipality of the County of Kings want to build a large solar garden on a closed landfill in Meadowview. The idea for the Meadowview Solar Garden was first championed by the Meadowview Development Association.

What Is Proposed:

Based on community interest and studies evaluating the best use for the site, project partners are proposing a 7-megawatt (MW) solar garden. It is estimated a system of this size would produce enough green energy to provide electricity for more than 1,000 homes per year.

Our Shared Purpose:

To work together to create a solar garden that reduces harm to the environment in the local communities we serve, and elsewhere in the province, by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing access to sources of green energy. The goal of the Meadowview Solar Project is to transform a capped landfill site with limited repurposing options into a hub of renewable energy harnessed from the sun.

Meadowview Solar Objectives:
  • Build a solar garden with environmental and economic benefits for project partners and the communities they serve
  • Repurpose a closed landfill site to create a hub of green energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help reach emission reduction goals in Nova Scotia
  • Create an affordable green energy option for individuals who may not otherwise have the money or property required to invest in their own solar projects
  • Provide direct benefits to the host community and equitable access to green energy
Latest Updates:
A Power Point presentation of the February 12, 2024 Community Update Meeting is now available by clicking the link in the Documents section below.


Provincial Government Documents:

For people to contact the Province of Nova Scotia regarding the Community Solar Program, they can reach out to

Province Launches Community Solar Program | Government of Nova Scotia News Releases

For more information on the Meadowview solar project please contact