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G O O D  G O V E R N A N CE                                                                                        F I N A N C I AL  S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y

                                Enhance communication with our communities                                                                                Continue sound fi scal management by effi  ciently

                               and stakeholders. Continually review and evaluate                                                                                managing assets, and investigating and
                                   processes, agreements, and partnerships to                                                                                     planning for new revenue streams,

                                      improve effi  ciencies and eff ectiveness.                                                                                           and growth opportunities.

                                             STR AT E G I C  F O C U S                                                                                                  STR AT E G I C  F O C U S

                                  Communications; Residents and Stakeholders                                                                                        Alternate Revenue Source Review
                                                 Process Improvement                                                                                                          Asset Management

                                                    Structural Reform                                                                                         Budget and Finance Committee Work Plan

                                                  Open Space Planning

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