Head and shoulders image of Peter Muttart On behalf of the citizens of the Municipality of the County of Kings, I welcome you to our County, our Valley and our Province. I invite you to explore our farmlands and orchards, our many wineries and vineyards, our hidden shore communities and Lake Lands. Please take the time to experience the beauty and ambience of each.

I believe that you will find our people to be friendly and welcoming: to live in this place expands their hearts! Our people form the backbone of our identity as a safe, prosperous, tolerant and progressive area in which to live and do business.

We are located on the southwest shore of the Bay of Fundy and encompass much of the Shoreline of the Minas Basin where one can experience the world’s highest tides. Kings County is a part of the ‘Valley Region’ which is enclosed by our North and South mountains. We were incorporated in 1879 and occupy the third largest Municipality in Nova Scotia. Together with our neighbouring towns, we number more than sixty-five thousand residents.

From our farmlands to seashores, the County of Kings has an abundance of fresh produce available at farmer’s markets and fresh seafood available on the wharf. Tantalize your taste buds with a local culinary experience. We have a thriving artist and artisan community. Within our boundaries and throughout the greater Valley you will find more than fifty galleries and museums, five live stage theatres and a rich tapestry of historic and cultural sites. Some are designed to highlight and honour our Mi’kmaq First Nations, African-Americans freed after the war of 1812, Acadian farmers, New England Planters, Loyalists, and European immigrants.

Nestled in the midst of our farmland is the Landscape of Grand Pre UNESCO World Heritage site at which we host in excess of twenty-five thousand visitors each year.

Our residents enjoy access to unequaled indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and activities. We boast of the educational opportunities provided by our many regional schools, our Nova Scotia Community College Campus and Acadia University.

If you’re looking to do business here, we have unequaled ocean resources, tidal energy development, high capacity fiber-optic backbone access and many other assets that you might wish to explore in detail with our regional partners, the Valley Regional Enterprise Network: http://valleyren.ca/.

If you live here, I embrace you as my neighbour, my fellow volunteer, and my colleague in all things that make and preserve this County as a shining example of all things good. If you’re visiting, welcome! I hope that you find our County friendly and welcoming. If you are simply exploring the opportunities to come to our community, I encourage you to come and experience all we have to offer.

Signature of Peter Muttart

Peter Muttart