Planning Application

A planning application is how members of the public can ask the Municipality to allow a proposed development that is not currently permitted in the Land Use Bylaw (LUB).

Land Use Bylaw (LUB) Map Amendment (Rezoning)
Kings County is divided into different areas or 'zones'. Each zone permits certain land uses and contains regulations for the development of land. In certain situations, the public can apply to change the zone that applies to a parcel of land.

Land Use Bylaw (Text) Amendment
The Land Use Bylaw contains the detailed regulations that indicate the types of land uses that are permitted in a particular zone, as well as other development requirements, such as building height and setbacks. In certain situations, the public can apply to change these regulations.

Development Agreement (New or Amending)
A development agreement is a legally binding contract between the Municipality and the landowner. It is used to allow land uses that would not normally be permitted. Development agreements place conditions on the location and design of development and are registered against the deed. In certain situations, the public can apply to enter into a development agreement to allow a specific land use.

How to start the planning application process

  • Consult with a Planner to see if your proposal is eligible for a planning application, learn about the options that may be available to you, and find out about any issues that you should know about before applying.
  • Submit a complete application, including an application form, fees, copy of the deed and, if needed, permission of the property owner. (see application form)
  • As needed, submit any other information needed to process the application, such as a site plan, survey, and in some cases, a traffic study, ground water study or other detailed information about your proposal.

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