Fiscal 2023/24 Budget Summary

Budget Highlights
  • No Change to Property Tax Rates
  • $59.4 million dollar operating budget providing the efficient delivery of quality municipal services to its residents and businesses.
  • Over $2.0 million dollars of enhanced capital reserve contributions as an initial step to bring them in line with the Policy-recommended balances and to support longer-term asset management objectives.
  • $2.8 million dollars of grant funding, including a variety of grant programs, funding of community service partners, personal property tax exemptions, and not for profit tax exemptions.
  • Personal Property Tax Exemption Program with income thresholds increased to $45,000 and maximum exemption increased to $510.
  • An increased staffing compliment with an additional 12 FTE to support development growth, increased service demands, and to provide the resources needed to implement long-term municipal plans and to operationalize the strategic priorities of Municipal Council.
  • Maintenance of healthy operating reserve funds.
  • Robust Capital and Special Project Budget with 44 projects and spending of $27.6 million dollars.

Operating Budget Summary
Education $14,072,600
RCMP & Prosecution 9,125,800
Other Provincial Mandatory Expenses 2,989,100
Inter-Municipal Service Corporations 6,118,000
Salaries & Benefits 8,724,770
Materials, Supplies, Utilities 3,159,285
Purchased Services 2,819,925
Special Projects 1,405,070
Fire Protection Funding 2,689,555
Grants 2,779,720
Debt Service & Transfers to Reserve 5,563,925
Total Operating Expenditures $59,447,750
Capital & Project Budget Summary
Information Technology $919,731
Municipal Facilities 327,000
Roads & Sidewalks 2,780,297
Parks & Recreation 812,928
Special Projects 4,124,744
Municipal Sewer 11,034,859
Regional Sewer 3,780,103
Greenwood Water Utility 3,843,504
Total Capital and Project Budget $27,623,166