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The Council of the Municipality of the County of Kings believes in positive action.

                 Climate change and its impacts are a serious and ever-present threat to the future of our
                 planet, our children and our species.

                 The  problem  is  so  large  –  and  the  politics  around  it  so  convoluted  –  that  one  might  be
                 tempted to think that the actions of a small municipality in a small province on the northeast
                 seacoast of North America should throw up its hands in futile resignation.

                 Greta Thunberg does not think so – and neither does the Municipality of the County of Kings.

                 To be credible in the climate change sphere, one must not just talk the talk; one must walk
                 the walk.

                 Our Municipality has an on-going, dynamic, Climate Mitigation and Action Plan. The full plan
                 will be tabled soon.

                 What  follows  will  give  the  reader  a  snapshot  of  the  action  taken  and  the  pledged  future
                 intentions of our Council to do our part.

                 The trek of ten thousand Kilometers begins with the first step.



                 Peter Muttart
                 Municipality of the County of Kings

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