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             A L T E R N A T I V E

             E N E R G Y

             To reduce the Municipality’s
             GHG emissions to 50% of 2008
             levels by 2030 and to promote

             energy efficiency options to                                         M U N I C I P A L
                                                                                          S E R V I C E

                                                                                       D E L I V E R Y

                                                                           To manage the replacement and

                                                                                     installation of Municipal
                                                                                infrastructure through formal
                                                                          Asset Management Planning and
                                                                            the Climate Change Adaptation
             T R A N S P O R T A T I O N                                    Plan (with focus on reducing the
                                                                                   associated environmental
                                                                              footprint and increasing use of
             To operate a lower emission                                                  alternative energy).
             Municipal fleet, increase active
             transportation opportunities, and refine a

              maintenance plan extending the life of
             Municipal roads.                                                  O P E N   S P A C E
                                                                                     P L A N N I N G

                                                                           To identify available open space
                                                                             opportunities, and increase the

                                                                                    protection of ecologically
                                                                              important lands and access to
                                                                               outdoor areas throughout the

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