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               To reduce Municipal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to 50% of
               2008 levels by 2030 and to promote energy efficiency options to residents.

               Alternative energy production will benefit the Municipality in a number of ways. Not only will it help
               reach the goal of reducing GHG emissions, it will also add to the local economy through the
               creation of new jobs and reduction of energy generation costs throughout the region.

               Co-generation through Anaerobic Digestion
               As the first step, a study has been commissioned on the potential use of effluent from
               the Greenwood and Regional (located in New Minas) Sewage Treatment Plants to co-generate
               power through anaerobic digestion.

               Solar – Meadowview Site
               A technical, financial and strategic study related to a utility-scale solar facility is ongoing. The
               main technical deliverables include topographical, geotechnical, and grid interconnection
               analysis. This work will be accompanied by documentation of local supply and demand
               characteristics and capital and operating cost projections. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to
               turn brownfield into a brightfield with opportunities for social dividends.*

               Southwest Quadrant Wind Energy Production
               Desktop modeling is underway to address radar mitigation measures for CFB Greenwood.
               Subject to mitigation advice, the Municipality will invest in confirming “bankable data” through the
               installation of meteorological towers. The physical area is considered to be is one of the more
               favourable locations in the province to harness wind power.*

               Province of Nova Scotia Solar Electricity for Community Buildings - Awards
               The Municipality, in collaboration with the Village of Canning, won bids under the Solar Electricity
               for Community Buildings Pilot Program for the contracted supply of 147kW to Nova Scotia Power.
               The associated panels will be installed within the year. The Municipality is also reviewing the
               feasibility of using energy generated through additional photovoltaic panels within the Municipal
               Complex and the new Engineering and Public Works Operations Centre through a net metering

               Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
               PACE is a program that allows property owners access to funding for efficiency upgrades. PACE
               investments may include solar panels, heat pumps, windows, and insulation. A request for
               program management services has been developed and is pending release through the Nova
               Scotia Procurement Portal.

               *The Meadowview Solar and Southwest Quadrant Wind are both considered to be utility-scale projects.
               Implementation is to be based on robust business plans and detailed analysis. With project scopes in hand,
               communities and stakeholders will be actively engaged.

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