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             WE ARE

             In 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
             Change (IPCC) released the 15th Special Report
             Global Warming of 1.5°, which indicated global
             Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions had to be halved by
             2030 in order to reduce the impact of climate change.
             In the Municipality of the County of Kings (the
             Municipality), there is a strong focus on reducing GHG
             emissions and planning for future impacts of climate

             WHERE WE

             ARE GOING

             In addition to outlining planned projects that aim to

             target climate mitigation measures, this plan outlines a
             culture shift taking place within the organization
             to one that is climate-focused, while improving service

             By setting lofty stretch targets, the Municipality has
             positioned itself to be a leader in climate mitigation
             and adaptation.

             Work outlined in this plan is guided by and grounded in
             five Key Strategic Priorities mandated through the
             Municipality's Strategic Plan:

                  Good Governance
                  Environmental Stewardship
                  Economic Development
                  Strong Communities

                  Financial Sustainability
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