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               To operate a lower emission Municipal fleet, increase active transportation opportunities, and
               refine a  maintenance plan extending the life of Municipal roads.

               The Transportation Action Area is necessary to achieve the overall goal of reducing Municipal
               GHG emissions. With newer technologies, and the installation of companion infrastructure such as
               charging stations, it is possible to incorporate energy efficient vehicles into the Municipal Fleet.

               Fleet Optimization Study
               A study is underway to improve the Municipal fleet. The study will address fossil fuel use and
               energy costs. Methods to be explored include “right sizing” of vehicles/equipment, operational
               improvements, driver education, and potential to integrate alternate fuels or electric vehicles.

               Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment
               The Municipality has filed a funding application to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.
               Charging stations will be located at the Municipal Complex for use by Municipal fleet, staff, and
               the travelling public with a vision of serving as a scalable and accessible green transportation hub
               available to the aforementioned in addition to EVs that may be brought online through the
               Kings Transit Authority.

               Harvest Moon Trailhead
               A new access point is presently being constructed in close proximity the new Municipal Complex.
               The access point will be of benefit to residents, businesses, general public and municipal staff.

               Active Transportation Plan
               An Active Transportation Plan and Policy is under development for implemented. The plan is being
               developed through an engaged process, and will detail deficiencies, suggested linkages, and the
               installation of new infrastructure.

               Active Transportation – School Access
               As part of the Provincial GHG funding program, the Municipality intends to file applications related
               to active transportation in relation to area schools.

               Pedestrian Infrastructure
               Sidewalks are being constructed based on the Sidewalk Priority List (2014). Crosswalks and radar
               signs will also be installed.

               J-Class Road and Municipal Road Assessments
               A study has taken place that has evaluated and ranked surface condition for 135.15 km of
               Provincial Roads for which the Municipality provides cost-sharing. Road condition and traffic count
               studies will occur every 2-3 years with a goal of extending the useful life of roads and lowering
               whole of life costs through better maintenance regimes and targeted investments.

               Traffic and Pedestrian Study – Coldbrook Village Park
               A study looking at vehicular and pedestrian traffic is scheduled to take place. This study will take
               into consideration a companion exit ramp and trunk highway alignment being undertaken by the
               Province of Nova Scotia.

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