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          To reduce the environmental footprint left by the Municipality’s infrastructure through formal Asset
                                 Management Planning and adoption of a Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

                Municipal infrastructure includes essential services, such as water, wastewater, storm water
          sidewalks and roadways. Using principles of asset management along with a climate change lens
                    the Municipality will prepare for the future in a more targeted way while building a strong
                             foundation for climate change adaptation initiatives throughout the Municipality.

                                                      “Green” Light Manufacturing Park Development Study
               The Municipality is planning for the creation of additional industrial park lots in the Cambridge
             area. Focus will be placed on green infrastructure. Construction will meet green standards and
            strive for energy efficiency. Active transportation will be incorporated into park design to support
                                                                             the use of non-vehicular transit.

                                                                                 Water – Village of Kingston
               Well sites are being identified for consideration within a central potable water system. To the
                      extent possible, pumping, treatment, storage and distribution aspects will utilize green

                                                   Secondary Planning Strategy Development – New Minas
                  The Municipality, in partnership with the Village of New Minas, is undertaking a Secondary
                  Planning Strategy for the New Minas Growth Centre. Background studies on infrastructure
                                                     reviews, traffic, and active transportation are underway.

                                                                            Climate Change Adaptation Plan
                 The Municipality will develop a companion plan to address potential vulnerabilities. This will
                              further identify how the Municipality will adapt to future climate change impact.

                                                                                         Flood Risk Mapping
           The Municipality will submit applications in collaboration with the Towns of Kentville and Berwick
                      to participate in the Municipal Floodline Mapping Project and the Provincial Flood Risk
                   Infrastructure Investment Program to study the impacts of sea-level rise in the region and
                                                                                identifying mitigation actions.

                                                                             Municipal Specifications Review
            A review of the specifications related to the design and installation of infrastructure is underway.
           This work will help identify inefficiencies in the Municipality's processes while considering climate
                                     change. At the forefront of this review will be stormwater management.

                                                                        Wastewater and Water Infrastructure
              For context, the Municipality owns or operates multiple water utilities, 13 wastewater facilities,
             including 79 lift stations, and nearly 300km of collection line. A review of this traditional process
              infrastructure is scheduled to take place. An assessment of the pump station inventory will be
                  undertaken to improve efficiencies for long-term service delivery, e.g. gravity flow vs. low-
               pressure sewer pumps, and the use of alternative energy for system back-up and uncoupling
                                                                                                from the grid.
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